Interested in the Pitch Competition?

    Ignite Pitch 2019

    The pitch competition sets the stage for promising and innovative tech-related business ideas that are inspired by Al Sharq Youth Founding Values in all fields.

    It provides an opportunity to 100 unique startups to showcase their projects, gain exposure, validate their business models and win valuable prizes.

    This unique competition also offers investors the chance to spot and invest in fresh new projects.

    Other surprises await the first three winners.

    • Social Entrepreneurs
    • The competition is open to any startup attending Al Sharq Youth Conference 2019
        • Scientists, researchers or engineers with product-based innovations
        • Startups and early stage companies
        • Students with bright ideas
        • Professionals with start-up ideas.
    • The candidate must respect the deadline for application
    • If your application is accepted, your presence on the day of the competition is mandatory
    • No age limit – Innovation knows no age barrier.
    • Solo founder or multiple team members – The more the merrier.
    • Ability to pitch in English language.
    • Citizen of any Country – No geographical boundaries.
    • Novel business ideas – A unique angle to anything already existing.

    Startups’ selection will be based on the following criteria:

    • Novelty – Our investors want to know to what extent is your idea innovative
    • Socio-economic impact – Our investors want to see a clear value proposition
    • Business/Revenue model – Our investors are keen on your market potential and sustainability
    • Team strength/Capability – Our investors’ confidence is tied with your execution capabilities
    • Budget, support and regulation – Our investors need to ascertain that your fund needs match their funding interest and regulation standards.
    • All applications will be evaluated by experts and will be assessed according to the criteria above.
    • Out of all the applications, the top 20 projects will be selected to pitch their ideas on the Ignite Stage. In addition, a selected number of applicants that were not shortlisted will be eligible to participate in the Poster Competition.
    • Upon selection, letters of acceptance will be sent to the selected projects. Applicants will be required to confirm their participation within 3 days. If no response is received, the open spot will be automatically allocated to the next project on the waiting list.

    The Ignite Pitch Competition is structured in two pitch categories: Stage and Poster. Representatives of 100 innovative ideas or high growth projects shall be selected through a transparent pitch screening process from a larger pool of registered startup projects.

    Out of 100 selected projects, only the top 20 projects will have the opportunity to mount the Ignite stage (Level 1: Pitching Stage) for an oral pitch. The other 80 projects will be offered the opportunity to compete at the Poster Pitch Competition where they will be required to illustrate the value proposition of their projects on a poster.

    The Stage Pitch Competition provides competitors with the opportunity to orally present their business ideas and value proposition to potential investors on the Ignite stage. There will be a total of 20 competitors where each represents their final (shortlisted) projects.

    The Stage Competition shall be in two levels (Ignite Elevator and Ignite Platform), which will be, by analogy, an elevator ride to the platform of opportunities.

    The Poster Pitch Competition consists of a visual display of innovative startup projects combined with an interactive question and answer session with a panel of judges and the general public. The Competition gives an ample opportunity for startups to interact with the conference participants and potential investors to secure relevant interest on their projects.

    Considerations for the final prizes and award categories:

    1. Scale and Development Consideration
      Participating startups are categorized into three groups based on the scale and development of the startup project:

      • Innovative Idea
      • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or Proof of concept
      • Launch and Scaling
    2. Impact Consideration
      The area of impact is based on its relevance to one of these five categories:

      • Our Planet
      • Our Body
      • Our Economy
      • Our Information
      • Our Society
    3. Ignite Pitch 2019 Channel
      The pitch competition is divided into two channels:

      • Stage pitch competition and;
      • Poster competition

    Applicants that make it to the final 20 shortlist are entitled the Ignite Pitch Competition 2019 Standard Value pack that includes:

    1. Customized Startup Poster (mini booth) at the @Venture Expo
      -Setup & Design will be done by Al Sharq Youth team
    2. Access to all the conference sessions & activities
    3. Two coffee breaks & lunch per day
    4. Customized Mini-profile for your Startup (Published in the event brochure)
    5. Customized profile for your Startup (Published in our Investor’s Handbook)
    6. Customized profile for your Startup (Available on Al-Sharq Conference Event App)
    7. Networking opportunities (Meet a co-founder, recruit a skilled team member, get an investor or explore partnerships possibilities)
    8. A special seat at the Investors Lounge
    9. Opportunity to feature project video during the conference sessions
    10. Master Class on Business Development
    11. Admission to Workshop Session (Design thinking or Project Management)
    12. General Media Exposure

    However, if you put in a little more effort to excel yourself from the rest, you may earn yourself the following prizes and perks (terms and conditions apply):

    • Up to $4,000 cash prize for Stage Pitch Competition Participants
    • Up to $2,000 cash prize for Poster (Booth) Competition Participants
    • Startup Mentorship program (worth $2,400/Month or $28,800/Year)
    • Office working space for winners for one year (worth of $4,000) in:
      • Malaysia
      • Turkey
      • Tunisia
      • Qatar
      • South Africa
      • Spain
      • More to come!
    • Amazon AWS cloud vouchers (worth of $5,000 x 1)
    • Business Consultation Opportunities (T&C apply)
    • Later Stage Financing Opportunity (T & C apply)
    • Exclusive Media Exposure (T & C apply)
    • Strategic Partnership with Al Sharq (T & C apply)

    And many more in the pipeline…Stay tuned!

    The industry of focus includes but is not limited to the following:

    1. Automotive Industry
    2. Internet of Things (IOT)
    3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    4. Digital Currencies & Fintech
    5. Software as a Service (SAAS)
    6. Agriculture & Technology
    7. Healthcare & Lifestyle
    8. Consumer Technology
    9. Business & Finance
    10. Multimedia & Digital Services
    11. Digital marketing for small businesses
    12. Human Capital Development & Technology

    *This is not an exhaustive list

    April 5, 2019

    For inquiries please contact:

    Competition Registration Fees: 100 USD

    All applications will go through a review process, after which an email will be sent regarding the status of the application. Only successful applications will be directed to the online payment process.

    Category Cash Prize Associated Booster Perks
    Stage Pitch Competition (Revenue Stage Startups)
    1. Access to Mentorship Network
    2. Consultation Program
    3. Startup Exchange Exploration
    4. Office Spaces
    5. Possible Later Stage Finances
    6.Strategic Partnership
    Poster Pitch (MVP Stage Startups)
    1. Access to Mentorship Network
    2.Consultation Program
    3.StartUp Exchange Exploration
    4.Office Spaces
    5.Strategic Partnership
    Poster Pitch (Ideation Stage Startups)
    1. Access to Mentorship Network
    2. Consultation Program
    3. Office Spaces

    * More prizes and perks coming up!

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